Sunday, October 3, 2010

Do Ficus trees like to stay in one place? If you move a Ficus, does it die?

We rent ficus trees. They're are in constant motion. They are hearty, strong plants. Ficus trees will drop leaves when they are in shock . That may be the reason for their reputation as being finicky. But Ficus are just like any other tropical plant. They like stable temperature and even soil moisture levels. There was a time when the chemical in fresh paint reacted with Ficus and caused total defoliation. Ficus seem to be more chemical sensitive than other plants. The great thing about a Ficus tree is that it will always try to come back. So sweep up the leaves, make sure it gets some light, check the watering, convert to hydroponic substrate if you can, and give it a trim. It will be fine. Move your Ficus all you want.