Friday, September 24, 2010

Does talking to your plants help them live?

Like any relationship it's listening that matters.

Do plants like coffee?

Splashing your plant with coffee will discourage leaf eating pests but in most case won't help the roots or soil. Coffee in the soil will decrease the pH level and possibly cause mold to grow. Coffee bean plants make beautiful indoor plants.

Do plants like being cleaned and polished with mayonnaise?

A clean plant is a beautiful plant, and wiping leaves individually with mayo seems laborious. If I really wanted a food product on my plants I would reach for the nonperishable vegetable oil. A Jojoba bean or no-stick spray sounds delicious.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Do declining plants need fertilizer?

Plant food or fertilizer is not medicine. It is intended for healthy plants that are growing vigorously and are using up the essential nutrients in the soil. You cannot force plants to use more nutrients than they need. Excess nutrients accumulate in the soil and burn tender roots and cause leaf discoloration. Ailing plants absorb fewer nutrients than healthy plants.